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Who are we

Meridiaani ry is student association for astronomy students at the University of Helsinki, founded in 2001. We advocate for astronomy students in academic matters and organize a diverse range of events, from observation excursions to parties.

You can contact Meridiaani’s board by sending an email to We also have a Telegram group. If you are interested in joining the group, contact your tutor or email the board.

Studying astronomy

By studying astronomy, you can ponder the mysteries of space from the contents of our own solar system to faraway galaxies. At the University of Helsinki, quality research is conducted on topics such as the birth and development of stars, our own planetary system, and the formation of galaxies.

Physics and mathematics are important tools in astronomy. The beginning of astronomy studies at the university is quite physics-heavy, and astronomy itself is usually only reached a little later in the study path. Studies in computer science are also useful, as programming is an essential part of the modern astronomer’s profession. Astronomy studies at the university are largely theoretical, but some practical courses on observational astronomy are also available.

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Events and activities

We organize numerous different events throughout the year, for example game nights, picnics and other hangouts. To find out more about our upcoming events you can follow our Instagram page. This way you can stay up-to-date on upcoming event dates and join in the fun!

Meridiaani’s observation group is a group of students interested in observational astronomy, founded in the fall of 2013. We have access to the observatory located in Kirkkonummi Metsähovi, where the 60 cm telescope owned by the University of Helsinki is located. We go there regularly to make our own observations, usually with the university’s CCD camera. In Metsähovi, it is possible to observe what interests you, just for your own pleasure, but it is also possible to collect material for a thesis. We have also participated in international observation projects, such as tracking asteroids discovered by the GAIA space telescope.

If you are interested in joining the activities of the observation group, contact Meridiaani’s board by email at

Board 2023

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